🌍 Join Solidarités Jeunesses for a Transformative Volunteering Experience in Beaumotte-Aubertans, France! 🇫🇷

🏡 About the Project:
Le Centre de Beaumotte invites you to engage in a vibrant national movement of non-formal education with its unique regional delegations across France. This project offers a blend of social, ecological, and cultural development aimed at:

  • Uniting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds 🤝
  • Promoting social inclusion and solidarity 🌱
  • Empowering participants through cultural exchanges and collective living 🌟

🛖 Your New Home: Stay in a charming big house or cozy individual tents in Beaumotte, a quaint village in Franche Comté. Embrace the community spirit and contribute to making it your “home sweet home.” 🏕️

🔨 Daily Activities:

  • Renovation of local heritage sites like ancient wash-houses and fountains 🏗️
  • Environmental stewardship projects 🌻
  • Gardening and woodcutting in beautiful natural settings 🌲

👷 Who Can Join? We welcome energetic volunteers aged 18-30 from the EU and partner countries. No prior skills required—just bring your motivation and love for manual work and nature! 🌍

📆 Volunteering Period: From May 6, 2024, to September 30, 2024 🗓️

📍 Location: 70059 Beaumotte-Aubertans, France 🇫🇷

🎯 Looking for Participants From:
Albania 🇦🇱, Armenia 🇦🇲, Austria 🇦🇹, and more!

🌐 Main Topics:

  • Social Challenges ⚖️
  • Citizenship and Democratic Participation 🗳️
  • Environmental and Natural Protection 🌿

📝 Deadline for Applications: September 30, 2024

🔗 Ready to Apply?
Visit our website for all the details and application process: Solidarités Jeunesses

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