🇫🇷 France ESC Project – 📣 Participant Call

The “Initiative et Développement Citoyen – Café Vert” in Lastours – Carcassonne, France, is seeking volunteers for their “Mushrooms Growers Project.” This circular economy initiative involves reusing coffee waste from cafés and restaurants to cultivate oyster mushrooms using mycelium.

The harvested mushrooms are then utilized in an earthworm farm to enrich soil for plants. Volunteers will stay in shared rooms in the city center of Carcassonne and engage in communal tasks such as cleaning and cooking.

The project focuses on sustainable practices and creating solutions for positive social, cultural, and environmental change. Volunteers will learn about mushroom cultivation, workshop organization, sustainable practices, and more. Motivation to learn mushroom growing is essential, and French language skills are a bonus.

The volunteering period spans 39 weeks from 26/09/2023 to 26/06/2024.

Participants from several European countries are eligible, and the application deadline is 10/09/2023.

The project falls under the topics of environment and natural protection, employment and entrepreneurship, and creativity and culture.