🇫🇷 France ESC Project – 📣 Participant Call

Sem&Vol is an opportunity for volunteering with Solidarités Jeunesses in Cause de Clérans, France. This initiative aims to promote social, ecological, and cultural development on a local level by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds. Volunteers work towards solidarity, collective living, and integration of those with fewer opportunities. Cultural exchanges are emphasized for personal learning and growth.

Accommodation is provided in a shared house in the village of Le Buisson de Cadouin, offering a unique chance to engage in daily life like a big house-share community. Volunteers work approximately 35 hours weekly, with tasks including masonry, woodwork, painting, environmental work, organizing local activities, networking, promoting the association, and leading international workcamps during summer.

No specific competencies are required, but willingness to participate and openness to discovering new cultures are essential. The project welcomes individuals aged 18 to 30 from EU and partner countries. While a driver’s license is recommended, motivation matters most. Manual work, nature, and collective life enthusiasts are encouraged to apply. The project spans 52 weeks from October 3, 2023, to October 2, 2024.

Location: Cause de Clérans, France Activity Topics: Social challenges, Citizenship and democratic participation, Environment and natural protection. Application Deadline: September 15, 2023.