🇫🇷 France ESC Project – 📣 Participant Call

“École Créative” in Benque – Molere, France, is offering a volunteering opportunity at an alternative children’s school. The association promotes creative and open-minded parenting and offers an alternative education approach that integrates various pedagogies like Montessori, Freinet, Steiner, and nature-based learning.

They focus on innovative tools like nonviolent communication, cooperation, and emotional management. The school encourages an explorative approach to the world, incorporating projects that delve into subjects such as the environment, animals, and ocean pollution.

The volunteers will engage in activities with children, discover alternative education methods, learn about school organization, and assist in creating workshops. Accommodation options vary based on the time of year, including apartments, gîtes, and chalets. Training involves understanding alternative education methods, school routines, and child-centered learning.

The project welcomes two volunteers who are interested in alternative education, child activities, and have experience or knowledge in animation.

The ability to work in a team, adapt, and use nonviolent communication is essential.

The project spans 52 weeks from 25/09/2023 to 24/09/2024 and is located in Benque – Molere, France.

Participants from several European countries are eligible, and the application deadline is 10/09/2023.

The project covers environment and natural protection, education and training, and creativity and culture.