🇭🇺 #Hungary ESC Project – 📣 Participant Call

Island of recycling Budapest, Hungary Summary of the projekt: In the centre of our project stands the social enterprise of our organisation: Filantrópia Charity Shop and the related programs and projects. The goal of our projekt aims at our volunteers learning the importance and functioning of social enterprises through they will be enabled to reduce the unemployement among young people as well as increasing the number of beneficial enterprises for the society.

Further aim of the project is to increase the social sensitivity of the participating youngsters and the local community. Our association considers vital the the initiation of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable projects, the dissemination of these ideas and their empowering opportunities. Through this volunteering program, the knowledge and the abilities of the volunteers would even enrich within these topics.

Host organisation: Profilantrop Association The main goal of Profilantrop is to raise environmental awarness, strenghten the independence and self-esteem of local communities, to find a way to a responsible, sustainable and peaceful lifestyle.

Empowerment is cornerstone in our work, incorporating the creativity and skills of the people in finding solutions to their problems – instead of waiting for the help from outside. We established the Filantrópia Charity Shop in 2015 to support the local community, to help people to reach sustainability, to reduce over- consumption and to fund our community projekts.

Volunteer profile and tasks: – 18-30 years old – interested in sustainability and environmental issues -ready to work in an international team and in multicultural environment

Main activities: The volunteers will work approximately in the charity shop 6,5 hours per day, 5 days a week, from 11 am until 6 pm, with a 30 minutes lunch break. The volunteers will gain knowledge about running a social enterprise and the daily tasks of a charity shop.

– receiving and sorting out donations

-communicate with the local community

– decorate the shop and the display case

– updating the social media pages

– write a blog about their experience

– take pictures about the objects, create social media posts

– organising recycling workshops

General conditions:

– Location: Budapest

– Dates: from October 2023 until May 2024

– Accomodation and food: The volunteers will live together, in seperate rooms, in a nice, sunny aparment in the center of Budapest.

The food allowance is payed together with the pocket money, 350 euro/month + monthly public transport pass

Travel costs: refund of travel expences up to 275 euró (round trip)

Contacts: If interested, send us your CV and motivation letter to the profilantrop@gmail.com e-mail address.

For more information contact us or check out the pages mentioned below or read about the adventures of the previous voulnteers on our blog!